Stability of Chineese TCXO-9 in FT817

thanks for the write up. very useful


Recently I have been doing quite a bit of work with WSJT modes, and I stumbled across a source of cheap TCXO upgrades on eBay that are plug compatible for TCXO-9 modules for installation in the FT817, FT857 and FT897.

To be honest I was quite happy with the stability of my FT817, and I wasn’t interested in improving my “marksmanship” by having WSPR spots logged with the smallest frequency offset worldwide. But for US$25 shipped to my door this was an easy “why-not” decision.

Yaesu no doubt chose the non-standard frequency of 22.625MHz to block others from entering the scene with after market upgrades.
It was only a matter of time and cost economics before an after market upgrade became available – cheap frequency compensated oscillators for standard frequencies have been available for some time from China, and if you order in quantity you get the privilege of choosing…

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