Picnic Table Operating – Lessons Learned

Picnic Table Operating

The objective was to get out and do some picnic table operating and test out some new antennas

Results on HF:

The end fed vertical worked fine on 20m and 40m as the rest of the bands had little activity and setting up under a noisy power line did not help. The KX3 did its job by juggling the NB and Noise filter controls. SWR was within range of the tuner on the KX3. i used a rubber covered wire 31 feet long (maybe it was 28)

The Clansman Falcon Rapid Deploy Vertical used a 18 foot wire to be non-resonant. I choice a rubber covered wire for flexibility and it worked fine on 20m to 10m. It worked well on 40m but was an  S unit down on the end fed.

I did comparison tests withe KX3 vs the FT-817 and the KX3 was btter as it had SDR filters and NB but the Yaesu held its own.

The yaesu was put to use on 6M and I used the Buddipole Pole set up for 53 Mhz and no problem getting into the machine.

I then tested the rest of the repeaters using my handhelds and a few check ins on DMR North America

I then tested out a hanging in the tree 20m dipole but the swr was fine at 13.6 Mhz so do need to trim it. I forgot my swr analyzer so I had to use the radios built in swr meters…no fun

Meanwhile the Midland FRS was busy with chatter from around the region and being up high helped with the extended radio coverage. I  also picked up some Wonderland FRS moms yelling at their kids.

Yeah I know I forgot my GMRS radio and the scanners. next time and I will pack the discone and 800 Mhz yagi

Get out and operate in the field and have some fun

small prize to whoever guesses how many radios were in the bag?

Yes I had 3 motorolas and an EF Jonhson handheld as well….come on I love LMR too

Lessons Learned:

Do not forget the KX3 Microphone and IPZ SWR analyzer next time and 2mm paracord is ideal for guys and tieing off dipoles and long wires

Batteries worked very well

I moved 3 times due to the sun so best to choose a spot that will stay shady for 4 hours and expect some people to come by and ask WTF are you doing and shake your hand

Bring the Midland FRS manual so you don’t waste 23 minutes trying to figure out how to scan

Don’t forget the Bearcat scanners and the Haruteq frequency guide

“Spectrum Management and Range Testing” are great answers

john ve3ips


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