Simple Field Ops Antenna

I was in Austin, TX and brought my FT-817 along for repeater use and listening to SWBC and QRP contacts on the cw net.

Well I forgot my Buddipole and found a Dollar Tree nearby.

I bought some speaker wire, electrical tape, some thin cord and tie wraps = $3 US

Here is what I did:

I just coiled the wire to make a 1/4 wave long wire. I used whatever length of speaker wire coiled up to match the band. 32 feet for 40m and 16 feet for 20m. The tie wraps work as insulators.
I use the thin cord with a water bottle on one end of it, I toss it up into a tree or bounce it on the roof, attach the free end of the wire to my cord and pull it up. Clip the 1/4 wave length wire to my rig and use the built in meter to check swr
Add a similar length of counterpose or ground wire and everything will work
This is a simple, light weight, very cheap, system, that is very fast
on putting it up and taking it down, and lets you get on the air to make contacts.

When done pull it all in so no one gets excited



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