QRP Poetry – Ode to Morse

ODE TO MORSE: (After William Shakespeare’s Omlette)

To key or not to key?
That is the question:
Whether it be mightier to speak the word or pound the brass.
Morse is is mightiest in the QRM.
Morse is twice heard; it is heard by he who hears
and he who sends.
It giveth great joy.
It saveth ships on sea and men on land.
It is not the hardest to learneth morse;
It is but a few hours practise
And when all the hard work is done and test is passed,
And we receive our G4plus at at last,
What do we then?
That, we may well ask!
We plug in our key and to the world pound out: “CQ, CQ, CQ….”

anonymous submitter


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