QRP Labs U3 kit tracking Canadian C3 expedition

also check the RAC website http://wp.rac.ca/a-whisper-for-canada-c3/

U3S kit tracking Canadian C3 expedition

QRP Labs is proud to sponsor the Canadian C3 Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast expedition celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, by providing an Ultimate3S kit and accessories (QLG1 GPS receiver kit, relay switched filter board, 20/30/40m Low Pass Filter kits, and enclosure kit.

From the C3 website: “A Canada 150 Signature project, Canada C3 is a 150-day expedition (June 1 to October 28) from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage. It will inspire a deeper understanding of our land, our peoples and our country.”

The successful C3 amateur radio proposal was made by QRP Labber Barrie VE3BSB who led the team who installed the Ultimate3S and antennas onboard the Polar Prince. The Ultmate3S transmits in Extended WSPR mode (with 6-character Maidenhead locator) 24 hours a day autonomously, on 40, 30 and 20m. QRP Labs provided a tracking solution that populates a live map at http://qrp-labs.com/c3 – Jeff VE3EFF has provided a computer and stable internet connection to run the tracking.



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