Good Amateur Practice is: (By Riley Hollingsworth)

Good Amateur Practice is: (By Riley Hollingsworth)

  • Giving a little ground–even if you have a right not to–in order to help preserve Amateur Radio and not cause it to get a bad name or hasten the day when it becomes obsolete.
  • Respecting band plans, because they make it possible for every mode to have a chance.
  • Not transmitting a 6-kHz bandwidth signal when there are lots of people on the band.
  • Not acting like an idiot just because you were stepped on.
  • Being aware that we all love Amateur Radio, and there’s no need to damage or disgrace it just to save face.
  • Keeping personal conflicts off the air. Settle your arguments on the telephone, the Internet or in person. Just keep them off the air
  • Cutting a net or a contester a break, even if you don’t have to and even if you have no interest whatsoever in nets or contesting.
  • Operating so that if a neighbor, niece or nephew or news reporter hears you, that person will be impressed with Amateur Radio.
  • Realizing that every right carries responsibilities, and just because you may have a right to do certain things doesn’t mean it’s right to do them in every circumstance.
  • You don’t “own” or get preference to use any frequency even though you’ve been on the same spot every morning for years shooting the breeze with Harry.
  • Not operating so that whoever hears you becomes sorry they ever got into Amateur Radio in the first place.

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