20 Things Youth Can do with Amatuer Radio

20 Things Youth You can do with Amateur Radio

1 Talk around the world without the internet or mobile phones
2 Use your own ‘internet’ when the other is down!
3 Send your voice, text and even pictures to unusual places, both near and far
4 Create your own network of radio amateurs and send instant text messages without phones
5 Meet amazing people from all over the country and around the world, on the air and in person at amateur radio events
6 Learn about the science that powers WiFi, smartphones, Bluetooth and all the latest wireless technologies
7 Learn how radio is used to explore outer space

8 Talk through satellites, or with astronauts on the International Space Station
9 Send messages via Morse code
10 Hunt for hidden radio transmitters – be a signal sleuth!
11 Investigate the multiple new combined radio-internet communication techniques
12 Try a modern sport – radiosport: compete on-air for awards and fun
13 Send a message around the world using less electricity than a lightbulb!

14 Provide help during emergencies with your radio
15 Use your radio to help the community at events such as marathons and bike races
16 Take a radio along with you while hiking or camping – you’ll never be out of contact
17 Collect weather and flight data by releasing and tracking a high altitude balloon
18 Build you own radio equipment and use it on air
19 Experiment with antenna systems to find the best for your interests
20 Experiment with new smartphone apps and computer programs for radio – or create your own


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