160m 80m 40m The MFJ-2990 43 Foot Vertical Project

First you need the 43 foot Vertical (MFJ-2990). It is self supporting and should withstand 40mph or 65kmh. The antenna diameter is 2” OD at the bottom, 0.120″ thick-walled tubing. It is nine sections including the stainless steel whip on the very top of the antenna. The MFJ-2990 provides outstanding low radiation performance. It covers all bands but really its a low band antenna in my mind. It does need a tuner but I added the tuning coil kit (MFJ-2910) to bring the low bands into resonance with a built in legal limit balun. There is control box that allows band switching.

Yeah it may be noisier than a loop but I want the low take off angle for DX and am working on a rotatable loop for receive. Today’s modern rigs have a separate receive antenna jack specifically for the low bands as developed by ON4UN.

The vertical took about 90 minutes to put up using the tilt over mount. Yeah more MFJ-1903.

Thanks to DX Engineering for the bundle and the hat but yeah I guess I could have bought another 7100 or another Icom Pro radio but “if you cant hear them you cant work them”  and the ANTENNA is critical.

I still need to tune and put forth the counterpoise for it so almost there.

73s es good dx

20170614_201539 (1)


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