The rules of the DX or the art of polishing our ego more on our bands …


Thanks to ON8IM for this

The rules of the DX or the art of polishing our ego more on our bands …

In DX mode:

→ When you arrive in a pileup carefully determine the exact frequency of the DX and slowly tune your KW carefully: take especially your time to do so in order to maximize effect. The more you take your time, the better it will be. This will let others know that  YOU will call the DX.
→ You do not want to wait to know what is the code of the DX because listen to it takes time? Then ask: ” What is the call sign of the DX? ” Do it continuously until someone gives you the call sign of the DX. This will show other OMs in frequency that you really want to contact this DX. This is called call sharing .
→ When you have found the call sign of the DX, repeat your call sign again and again on the DX frequency. Even if the DX station is working in split mode, there may be a chance that it will listen to the frequency at which it transmits.
→ When the DX station says ” ABC only ” – do not believe it! If she says ” Europe only ” – do not believe it! If she says ” only the 2 ” – do not believe it! Keep running your callsign ” XYZ ” !! … XYZ !! … XYZ !! “You make me copies c ow MARIO? ” Be sure to use her name when you call him, he will believe that you are part of his knowledge. If you hear it on a tape, it must also hear you … it only has to be effective! Pay no attention to directional calls. This n’
→ To get the DX station to work with you on other modes, indicate the appointment that YOU will arrange personally. To ask him to contact you in CW, PSK31, RTTY or SSB wait for sure that there are a hundred stations in the pileup, or just before the band closes. And above all, make sure it’s YOU telling him you need him on these fashions. You will attract the esteem of all those who are in frequency and this will demonstrate that you are a well-balanced amateur capable of working in more than one mode.
→ If you have contacted the DX station before, be sure to call him and tell him that this is his strongest signal of the last six conatcts you had with him this week. The DX station absolutely wants to know that! The others in frequency will have that more respect to you and you will be recognized as the Big Berta of the DX.
→ In order to bring your skills to the highest level, when you come across a pileup DX, make a tune on the DX frequency and send a ” QRL? Is this frequency in use? ” This will demonstrate that you are a truly attentive person.
DX-plie-up 02
→ And when you finally make contact with DX, give him a lot of information about yourself: TX, RX, ANT, WX, how many children and grandchildren do you have, which school Have frequented, the size of your bedroom’s rug, or any other item worthy of interest during a DX. This demonstrates that you are not just an OM of style “59”. And this, for more efficiency – of course – when the tape is about to close.
→ You will need the terms of the QSL after contacting the DX. Although all of this is described in detail in Packet DX Cluster, ARRL and DX News Letters, on the Internet, etc., there is no reason why you should be embarrassed to read these sources. You can simply continue to call on the frequency of the DX … ” What is the information for SQL? ” Do not receive a response after 8 or 10 calls? Continue again and again … your perseverance will be rewarded. There are many other stations on this frequency waiting to contact the DX who-they- have read all this information and are all ready and willing to help.

In split mode:


→ Spend most of your day listening to and transmitting on the DX transmission frequency. In CW, if someone is calling on the transmission frequency of the DX, leap on your J-38 and transmit at 4 WPM of VP … UG … NP … UP until it moves. If the station still continues to call on frequency DX, then send LSD … LIB … LED … LID … until it moves.

This brings three benefits.

  1. The others waiting to contact the DX will give you eternal gratitude for informing the offending station that the DX is operating in split mode.
  2. The faulty station will be grateful to you
  3. By working hard, you will increase your code practice to 5 words / minute.

→ For those who have a CW or a VOICE memory keyer, it will be much easier: all you have to do is program the words “UP” and ” LID “. YOU IDIOT, WORKING SPLIT “The use of a memory keyer during your days of activity will spare your voice: you never know … you might need it In case you happen to have a QSO.


And most importantly one does not derogate from the rule: … contact him first … confirme later … (Work’em First … Confirm later … WFCL)

73 Whitery, K1VV “UP UP UP!”

ON8IM Translation

Ethymology of the word LID:

The term LID is still widely used today in the amateur radio world. It does not refer to new operators but generally to someone who voluntarily ignores conveniences and conventions.

The expression would come from “put a lid on” which means “place a lid on” or “cover”; Because for a radio operator a lid “reduces to another operator to silence” by covering its emission.


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