CB 11m Freeband 2 Element Beam Buddipole

One of the Bravo Sector members enjoys operating in the Freeband only because he is enjoys operating in a free society.

Several years ago we had a Field Operations Event and i brought along a pop up 2 element beam that with a tuner could cover 27-29 Mhz

Forward gain is about 3-4 db with about 20 db claimed Front to back ratio (confirmed). It proved it self useful and due to my lightweight design was very practical. I would or could choose to use this in a base version and spin it around with a TV rotator no problem. I think this is a simpler design than going with a Moxon style or even a Cob Web style antenna for single band use.

I took 4 102 inch stainless steel whips, cobbled appropriate stud mounts and to increase the length of the reflector i used an insert. This is pretty simple and a very effective antenna. It can handle a few hundred watts with no arcing.

Several Buddipole versions have also been made using their yagi kit.



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