WSPR Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network! Yaesu FT817ND

The Yaesu FT-817 and Android make a perfect pair for the active ham running experiments in propogation


Well even if your not using your QRP Rig doesn’t mean you cant have fun! Pretty simple to set up but here’s what you’ll need:

-QRP Radio (I’m using a Yaesu FT817ND)
-Android Phone or PDA running Android 3.0 or better
-Install WSPR Beacon software from the play store (Yes you have to spell it all out)
-Install time sync software (Clock Sync off of Play store)
-Interface Cable (WOLPHILINK Interface for Ham radio Digital Modes on Android PSK SSTV WSPR RTTY JT65) I bought mine off of EBay
-Decent antenna Loop is preferred but not required.

Two great videos to help configure your WSPR Beacon app and FT817 Radio

Enter all your details and make the adjustments on your radio and start transmitting!

Go here and set up a account. Then you can select MAP from the menu and enter your call sign to see if…

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One comment

  1. OH8STN · May 31

    Excellent article. I made this tutorial on the same ytopuc last year. Perhaps it’s time to revisit it.
    73 de oh8stn


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