Dayton Hamvention Military Radio Check Ins 2017

Yep thats me on 6m

Year #1 is in the record books for the Dayton Hamvention at its new
venue in Xenia OH. Despite rain and mud in the flea market area, most
comments I’ve heard have been positive, and you have to give a round of
applause to the Hamvention volunteers who were faced with a Herculean
task and yet rose to the occasion.

For many of us, the three Saturday nets are a highlight of the
Hamvention and this year was no exception. I’d prepared a bit of a
surprise which performed very well – I used a homebrew 2 watt 75 meter
handheld transceiver to check into the 3885 AM Net. I plan to write
this rig up in an article for Electric Radio as I think it contains some
circuit ideas that will be of interest. It is not a clone since it
incorporates hybrid circuitry and only one tube, but it is my tribute to
the BC-611 and those who designed such a compact radio using the
technology available at that time.

As usual Joe WA4VAG conducted the Old Military Radio Net in fine
fashion, assisted by KB0SFP. The net control station this year will be
of particular interest to this group – Joe used a complete U.S. Navy
ARC-5 set, run from dynamotor power, as can be seen here:

A list of check-ins for the 3885 AM net, 17 meter HF Pack Net, and the
51.0 Mhz Cold War Net follows.

73, Bob W9RAN

3885 AM Old Military Radio Net.
Joe, WA4VAG did the honors again this year using an original, complete,
ARC-5 command set system.
KB0SFP, Dennis, MO, PRC-108
KK1K, Dean, VT, PRC-515
KW1I, Dale, N H, PRC-108
KA1GON, Charlie, MA, Racal Syncal 2000
W1AEA, Jeff, VT, PRC-108
K2AJR, Alex, NH, PRC-1099A
KW2K, Yuki, NH, PRC-1099A
N2DM, Dale, NY, FT-817
W2HX, Eugene, NY, PRC-138
KB2BTL, Peter, MA, Racal Syncal 2000
KA3EKH, Ray, MD, BC-611
N3TPM, Craig, PA, #19mk-II
K4IC, Mike, N.C. PRC-174
K4BTY, George, TN, BC-611
KM4V, Steve, TN, ?
WZ6X, Dave, CA, BC-611
WD8INC, John, OH, PRC-174
WD8AXB, Charlie, MI, FT-817
KA8TUR, Jim, MI, PRC-70
W8WJT, Zack, OH, PRC-515
W8AU, Perry, OH, ?
WA8SDF, Jim, OH, PRC-515
W9RAN, Bob, IL, Homebrew version of BC-611
WD9GHK, Bruce, IL, BC-611
KB9PZC, Paul, IL, BC-745(Pogo Stick)


18157.5 USB, HFpack/Milpack Eyeball QSO Rally
KB0SFP, Dennis, MO,
Net Control, using a PRC-1099A
N2DM, Dale, NY, FT-817
WB2DFC, Dale, OH, Yaesu mobile?
K2AJR, Alex, NY, PRC-1099A
KW2K, Yuki, NY, PRC-1099A
WB2EMS, Kevin, NY, Xiegu X108G
W2HX, Eugene, NY, Tadiran PRC-2200
KB2VTL, Peter, MA, Racal Syncal 2000
K3RWN, Rich, PA, FT-817
KN4HH, Bob, GA, Micom Trooper
KM4V, Steve, TN, PRC-515
K4IC, Mike, NC, Qmac HF90M
WA4VAG, Joe, KY, PRC-515
KM4BJG, Kris, NC, PRC-515
WZ4K, Howard, VA, PRC-104A
AA8AF, Steve, OH, IC-703
W8YCM, Less, WV, PRC-1099
W8ZJT, Zack, OH, PRC-515/RU-20
KA8TUR, Jim, MI, PRC-70
WD8AXA, Charlie, MI, Southcom SC-140
WD8AXB, Chuck, MI, SC-140
WA8SDF, Jim, OH, PRC-515
WD9GHK, Bruce, IL, FT-817
W9RAN, Bob, IL, PRC-1099
N9FSE, Steve, WI, Xiegu X108G
KK4YHN, Denver, TN, honorable mention


51.0 FM Cold War Net:
KA8TUR, Jim, MI, PRC-70 (net control)
KB0SFP, Dennis, MO, PRC-25
KC0OOP, Aaron, MN, PRC-1088
N0KQX, Dale, KS, FT-817
KX0N, Casey, KS, PRC-6809
KW1I, Dale, NH, PRC-68
N2DM, Dave, NY, PRT-4/PRR-9
K2AJR, Alex, NY, Daytron 1060
KW2K, Yuki, NY, PRC-1088
N3TPM, Craig, PA, PRC-77
KA3EKH, Ray, PA, R324(USSR)
KB3SBC, Walt, PA, SEM-52
N3OC, Brian, MD, 884(Chinese)
W3OWE, Bernard, DE, PRC-77
KM4V, Steve, TN, SEM-52S ?
K4IC, Mike, NC, PRC-126
WA4VAG, Joe, KY, PRC-68B
K4BTY, George, TN, PC-68
K4WAP, Wayne, KY, PRC-126
KM4BJG, Kris, NC, PRC-80
WB5MMB, Sandy, TX, PRT-4/PRR-9
KM6AB, Mike, CA, PRC-6809
WZ6X, Dave, CA, PRC-126
WD8INC, John, OH, PRC-128
N8GZL, Jennifer. MI , VX-7
N8DNX, Chuck, MI, SEM-52SL
N8HQY, Jim, OH, PRT-4/PRR-9
WD8AXD, Charlie, MI, PRC-3088
N8NOR, Ken, MI, VX-7
K8CCA, ?
K8BVY, ?
WD8X, ?
W9RAN, Bob, IL, RF-10(Czech)
N9FSE, Stephen, WI, VX-6
KB9PZC, Paul,
WD9GHK, Bruce, IL, PRC-68A
K9UTK, John, IL, PRC-1077
VE3IPS, John, Toronto, Falcon III



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