HF Bands Suck Pondwater? Don’t Give Up

I keep hearing that the bands suck and the sunspots are way too low but everyday I hear signals. The bands are at a low no doubt but radio propagation still occurs as my 200mw beacon on 20m had reception into South America and Europe. YES 200mw on cw of course

My on-the-air discussion the other day recalled the late seventies as a golden age of radio and this chart proves it

70s I recall working JAs and VKs every afternoon into evening on 10m . This was not greyline

80s Now I started greyline DXing for not just the Indonesians on the 60m shortwave band but for the ON4UN 80m dx that did follow the greyline

90s Memories of DX peditions mostly while raising 3 wonderful children. (we owned FRS ch 12)

2000s More focused on contesting and QRP

2010s Bands did start to suck but still made tons of contacts especially with QRP

Don’t complain – get out and operate anytime anywhere any mode and use for an idea what to expect


sunspot cycle



One comment

  1. Mike Hohmann · May 11

    Nicely graphed.


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