York Region Emcomm Emergency Go Kit

Here is a suggestion for an emergency GO kit that would provide the ability to support emergency communications

York Region ARES Grab and Go Kit Check List

  • 2 meter HT plus 12 hours worth of batteries (a dual band 2M/440 is preffered)
  • Consider a waterproof bag or ziploc bags to protect
  • 1/2 wave gain antenna for better performance and a magnetic mount antenna
  • Long rubber duck antenna
  • AC to DC adapter and auto cigarette lighter plug cable to power HT
  • Remote speaker/microphone or headset
  • Headphones with correct connector to plug into radio, for use in noisy areas
  • Extra coax for antenna and connectors and adapters for radio
  • TLocal Map book or other maps
  • Repeater listing frequency Directory
  • Users manual for your radios or cheat sheets
  • Message forms, writing pads, pens and clipboard
  • Copy of Ham license
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather, terrain and duration.
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunblock during warm sunny weather.
  • Food, water, and needed medicines for at least 12 hours
  • First Aid Kit, First Aid and CPR training
  • Night time gear, flash, light extra batteries and bulb, reflective vest, flares in vehicle
  • Small tool kit


  • Second radio with 12 hours of battery power
  • Base or mobile station antenna i.e.. J-pole and mounting hardware
  • 50 feet of coax with connectors
  • Scanner radio and frequency list of local public safety agencies
  • Large 12 volt battery, Gel or deep cycle, charger, 100 feet of AC power cord,
    large gauge
  • Poster paper, markers and tape for signs
  • 3-way electrical adapter (for 2 prong outlets)
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof paper


Dan KE7HLR has an excellent article with various ideas as well



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