GTA Jamming Continues Unabated – Jammers reportedly harassing hams on repeaters


Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ) — Jammers reportedly harassed some hams in Toronto Monday night, according to the police chief. Hams in neighboring areas say they’ve heard them, too.

Now the repeater Net Control Stations want to know, is this a threat or is someone just jammering around?

“The little ham was on the air, screaming there were jammers causing trouble on the repeater,” said 62-year-old VE3— as he described a very bizarre encounter he and his ham friends had Monday night in Toronto.

They were up by the YYZ repeater (UHF) when they say a jammer began harassing them.

“A jammer started harassing us  and turned around and went back to the other repeater. So we thought it was gone, turned around, kerchunked and touch toned and started calling us, cursing at us, it was scary,” said VE3—. “Yes, a jammer did this.”

Recordings had been made and filed for investigation along with radio Direction Finding bearings.

The Toronto Repeater Police chief says that two men reportedly operating as jammers were heard on the YYZ repeater around 7 p.m., yelling at hams before they took off and moved to FRS 1. One returned and engaged in a 45 minute meltdown with unsuspecting hams.

However, the Repeater Police chief says  violence and threats were mentioned in that report.

Now, it seems everyone is going a little jammer crazy

“I heard that they’re going around town, jamming other repeaters,” said 65-year-old Kevin VE3—. “I heard they jammed and scared hams from their mobile location at Tim Horton’s. It was a complex jamming operation with the use of subcontractors”

“One ham who lives in a condo told us that there was jammers in the neighborhood and he could hear them on the input right before the net started so we were just being careful,” said 65-year-old Jim VE3—.

But jammer sightings are being reported in neighboring repeaters as well. One jammer enjoys his activities on simplex channels in a “broadcast mode’ or trying to disrupt an active net.

The Pickering Authorities posted recordings of jammers on its website, warning fellow hams that four subjects have been heard wandering in the area, operating as jammers, but the post has since been taken down.

“That’s what everyone’s talking about. They’re talking about a jammer hunt on the repeaters  everywhere,” said Donnie Graham of  GTA.

Donnie’s repeater district in the GTA abruptly cancelled all afternoon net activities. No reason was given, but Donnie has an idea.

“We just figured they would cancel because the ARRL bulletin  said there was jammers around here that were annoying and harrassing people,” said Donnie.

That prompted the Local Repeater Police to post on its Facebook page:

“To clear up the rumour mill, jammers are not the reason net activities were canceled this evening, there is an ongoing Industry Canada  investigation that is active right now outside of the city  and GTA.”

Regardless, Net Control Stations are not amused with this jamming around business.

“I don’t think it’s funny. It’s not funny at all, you know whether or not it’s a joke or if it’s serious, but still why?” said Mike of Scarborough.

There is new concern hat these jammers are part of a disruptive political group known as Jammers for Jesus

jammers for jesus


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