Brandmeister 101 – Papa Systems

Many DMR repeaters are popping up using the Brandmeister Software Stack in place of the C-Bridge. THis is what happens when innovation is in play and new technologies are implemented. This is a bonus for DMR operators because they have another playground to go play radio in.

GTA Hams are lucky as we have an excellent VA3XPR repeater and an excellent VE3YYZ Brandmeister repeater. This offers a chance to make contacts using either system. Many local calls are made on local and ontario wide and many ragchews and nets seem to be on BM. One is not better than the other except they are just different in their use of talkgroups and connections to other repeaters.

Why BrandMeister?
BrandMeister offers some added features for users and system operators. It addresses some of the challenges of the C­-Bridge network. It also brings some risk.
User Advantages:
  •  I can use more of the features available on my radio. For example GPS and text messaging.
  • Control over the talkgroups I use.
  • Support for DV4Mini and other hot spots
  • Makes DMR a bit more like D­STAR in terms of the user having control over how the
  • local repeater is connected to the network (the user selects talkgroups for use). This can
  • potentially make the DMR learning curve less steep.
  • Has a cool name ;­)
  • More online tools available including one in the testing phase that will allow you build a
  • scan list to listen to up to 5 TGs.
  • Brandmeister offers users the ability to communicate worldwide with just the changing of the channel on the user’s radio. No linking, unlinking or asking for a TG to be added to
  • the c-­bridge. Simply program the TG you want and key the mic.



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