Jammers on 7200 Khz – 40M, 14.313 Mhz (even CB) even DMR

If anyone has been active on 40m lately the on-going gong show on 7.200 Mhz is providing way better entertainment than the sub-contractors on VE3YYZ.

This channel has become a hangout for lids, children, delusionalists and space cadets. It amazes me the amount of vitrol, hatred and anger that is incited in the course of an evening. Then the “linears” get warmed up and it is a frequency dominance game and power struggle.

Sadly, this is a part of the hobby that can be a lot of fun to hear (better than code plug or microphone test QSOs) but really demonstrates how ‘disrespectful” the hobby has become.

Search YouTube for more examples but the last one has a really nice cb set up


Who is larry and why is putting a mobile on his bobcat?

Why is 8813 Minnesota getting jammed for trying?

Just knock it off!

Now they jam 80 meters

Jammers start then with Public Safety and this is a federal crime




Canadian “hams behaving badly” on 14.313 Mhz

This is actually the VE3YRA repeater playing with his DTMF toys

This sounds like more than one jammer on the repeater

Even the CB boys get jammed


This is a real nice CB set up…cant beat this


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