Durham Hamfest – CB 11m Heaven

Well this was an interesting hamfest to say the least. The local Motorola guys were doing a brisk trade in VHF and UHF gear and speakers. Several tables were dumping their MD380 handhelds as well. Radioworld also sold a bunch of FTM3200 Fusion mobile radios for the Peterboro boys as they embrace C4FM with open arms.

No D-Star radios were spotted

Hamfest vendor tables were sold out as usual and 30% of the tables had CB and 11m radios for sale. Obviously, Durham has more CBers in the community than Mississauga and has been strong for many many years.

Here are some distinct classics that found new owners

The Realistic Navaho is pretty common but WOW I really wanted the Co Pilot.

These were all collector grade and very mint!

Last year I got a Sirio 11m dipole that came part of Kenwood Handheld purchase but left this year with no CB stuff

Picked up a very nice UHF Duplexor for my repeater project and a bag of N connectors.






One comment

  1. Mike Hohmann · April 30

    Nicely displayed items, and good photos!


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