Eve’s Wireless Silent Film – Crystal Radio out in the Field

“Bless us, they’re never still – always up to something new. And Eve’s latest invasion is in the wireless world – ” Two women walk towards the camera on a city street. They stop beside a fire hydrant (this is presumably the United States of America). C/U of the women winding a wire around the top of the fire hydrant. One of the women holds a small box.

“It’s Eve’s portable wireless ‘phone – and won’t hubby have a time when he has to carry one!” L/S of the women – one holds the box and the other puts up an umbrella – presumably this acts as an aerial as a wire comes from the handle of the umbrella to the fire hydrant. The women stand together and the woman holding the umbrella puts an ear piece against her ear. M/S of a woman at a telephone exchange holding a microphone or stick telephone. She speaks then turns around to a wind up gramophone. She winds it, places the needle on the record and holds the microphone or mouthpiece to the record. The two women smile and chat – they are listening to the record presumably. An early mobile phone crossed with an early Sony walkman! Excellent!

Amendment November 2011: A visitor to the site has written in to say that the phone is probably a “Home-O-Fone”, produced by the Radio Receptor Co. in New York.

This must be in Brooklyn and next time I have a chance I will attach my crystal radio to the fire hydrant



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