Rocky Mountain National Park – CO

I love Colorado and Boulder is a favourite city of mine. Well I got to go back there for a vacation and the usual radio fun.

Please note that the Park Rangers will be very upset at you if you toss an antenna into a tree.

It was frigid on the top of the summit with a blistering wind that made it very hard to keep warm considering it was 15 degrees warmer in picture number 2. I tried to get a aprs marker out but the cellphone coverage was very bad up there. I used an end fed for 20m (no tuner required) and also the 20m whip. Guess what? No trees at the summit area so i just had to toss it over the rocks and let it hang down. Bands sucked so no luck with any SOTA contacts.

The park  ranger seemed pretty happy with her Bendix King VHF radio

20161028_134659 rmp co

This was not posed as she actually put the radio down to hold the map to show us how to get to the waypoint. Of course out comes the camera. I tried to buy the radio and was politely told “Not for Sale”. Radio does P25 but for reasons we all know the VHF analog offers the best results.

National Park Service

Eastside Park Channels

All 4 RX Frequencies are Simulcast

Channel #↓ Rx Freq↓ Rx Tone↓ Tx Freq↓ Tx Tone↓ Description↓
01 169.8000 110.9 166.3500 103.5 Prospect Mountain Repeater
02 171.7500 110.9 166.3500 123.0 Twin Sisters Repeater
03 171.0250 110.9 166.3500 131.8 Alpine Visitor Center Repeater
04 170.3875 110.9 166.3500 136.5 Meadow Mountain Repeater

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