JP6VCH Vertical Coil Half Wave Antenna

My new project is to build this antenna that I found in the Japanese CQ Ham Radio magazine but I am looking to use a 3D printed coil form.

It turns out Hiro VE3CGC has also published his version in the RAC magazine


VCH type moving fishing rod antenna ◆



· November 2006 CQ magazine page 141 “New QRP communication” The way to make a VCH type moving fishing rod antenna (which makes the whole 1 / 2λ motion) was released. I decided to try making a handy antenna at the time of movement (there are some parts that are different from the content on the production method, please understand).
this presenter JP6VCH / Matsuki’s a, VCH (Vertical Coil-Half-Wave) is named by JF1RNR / Imai is.
· I would like to express my deepest gratitude to JP6 VCH / Mr. Matsuki who I also personally taught.

Easy structure
· Very easy structure.
– such a simple

A nearly 1 / 4.lamda
B + C is approximately 1 / 4.lamda
is A + B + C approximately 1/2 [lambda]

is effective radiation from coil.
· The current antinode is on the upper side.
· The ground element (horizontal element) is shorter than 1 / 4λ.

It can be said that.



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