Transworld Traveler Antenna TW4040 and the TW2010 5 Bander

I am not going to go into a big review on this antenna. This antenna reminds me of one I saw a ham using in Dayton years ago that was similar. It is an easy-to-assemble package that requires no radial ground system or towers and is designed for operators requiring stealth performance. Sigma and Bravo 5 have similar designs and I-Pro in the UK

It has a low take-off angle — an outcome of the modified-H design — produces maximum skip for successful DX transmissions and contact. This is not an NVIS design

Transworld got bought by DX Engineering so check the website for availability.

I tested the 40M monoband version and adjusted for low swr at around 7.130 so i can operate cw and ssb. You can fine tune the swr by squeezing and expanding the coils. I started to play with the multibander but you need to start at 10m and work down to 20m in sequence. I let the Icom 703 do the antenna tuning for me with its built in tuner. It does offer 10 12 15 17 and 20M coverage through its external switch box.

Fast and easy to set up which gets you on the air quickly.

This could also be useful for those with a balcony or need a backyard antenna in a HOA zone.

UPDATE: This antenna being a Short antenna in a H configuration is very much a High Q antenna. This means it has a sharper resonance and lower bandwidth than a proper dipole. You will make use of the antenna tuner to ensure low swr but the advantages is the small foot print and rapid deployment.


A quick shout out to the regulars on 40M indicated I was getting out with several 5×7 reports which is to be expected with 10 watts into a shortened antenna.

Swapping out the 40m module for the 5 bander takes 1 minute.20170422_134919

Nice and thick wire will support the rated 300 watts easily


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