Shonan Beach Radio

I just got a new Internet Radio so I could listen to Radio Australia, BBC 4 and a big favourite of mine Shonan Beach Radio. I got tired of using my iPhone 4 repurposed as an Internet radio and wanted something bigger and better.

Shonan is a collection of wide, attractive beaches in Kamakura close to Tokyo and Yokohama. It’s Japan’s most famous beach. As you can imagine it is also the most busy beach due to its proximity to the Tokyo cliff dwellers needing an escape. On a clear day you can see Mt Fuji. I wonder if one can cover that distance on simplex?

Shonan Beach FM (78.9) was established on Dec. 03, 1994. Now in its 10th year of broadcasting, Beach FM reaches out to approximately 200,000 people living around the famous SHONAN beach area of Japan as well as to the world through its Internet connection. Jazz is the main emphasis of the station. However Beach FM caters to a variety of other musical tastes including AOR, Hawaiian Music, R&B and Classical.

These guys have a very cool vibe about their music selections and keeping in spirit of the community. They also have their own magazine which indicates that the mix of radio and print media can co-exist nicely.


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