Chameleon Antennas CHA DIY MAGNETIC LOOP STARTER KIT – My Build Project Part 2

I finally got to finish the main loop using the LMR400 cable. This cable is stiff and has a lot of shield with a thick copper center conductor and is ideal for magnetic loops. I chose to short out the inner and outer conductors at the PL-259 connector. You could also use RG213 which may be just as efficient. I will try it using a larger and smaller diameter main loop for experiments.

The diameter is about 35-37 inches.

I now need to figure out how I want to mount the box.  So I will have to think out some ideas before I drill more holes if its fixed use or portable use.

Carl at Chameleon antennas has the F-Loop and the P-Loop and both are mounted differently. Julian at Survival Tech Nord went with a Portable P-Loop style mounting system. I was looking at using the Chameleon Jawsmount as well as an option. Maybe this is the J-Loop?

Maybe to solve this problem I build out both styles


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