Spilsbury SBX-11 Shakeout Test

The Spilsbury SBX series of field radios is THE TRUSTED RADIO for trappers and operators in the great white north and beyond.

Every radio supports the Call Out frequency of 4.41 MHz on Channel One.

Testing my radio out

http://www.matthewkendall.com/electronics/sbx-11a for some great history info and technical details

The alternate radio is a FT-817 with a wideband modification but it does allow the Alaska Emergency channel as standard

Alaska Emergency Frequency, USA: The frequency 5167.5 kHz USB may be used by hams in Alaska in case of emergency, to communicate with hams or PART 90 PRIVATE LAND MOBILE RADIO SERVICES in Alaska. Max 150W PEP. Must be within 50 nautical miles (92.6 km) of the State of Alaska.


Highly recommended book about Ian Spilsbury  and how he competed against Marconi Canada



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