Huatulco, Mexico VE3IPS/XE3 – A Radio Odyssey

I had a blast operating QRP in Huatulco, Mexico

Contacts were made on 11m, 20m and D-Star using the DV Dongle off a tablet

No local ham repeaters and there was the usual hotel, marine, cruiseship chatter

Many of the LPU radios are Kenwoods

I used the MFJ-1820T and Norcal Doublet with a T1 tuner

CB still rules down here

I heard Marty VE3MR of Electrosonic operating  as P49MR in his Aruba home everyday on 18.160 but no luck busting through the pile ups with 5 watts on the beach


Running the Norcal Doublet as a longwire over the palm tree. I used a water bottle as a launcher. Security staff was looking at it one morning with a puzzled look


My favourite cabbie had a Cobra under the dash and his CB antenna was front mounted on a 45 degree angle. I suggested he apply for his International 11m number to be #016110


The real Mezcal


Corner bars everywhere in town


Many Bugs


Another CB . looks like a Realistic 5/8 base



Calling Card friendly. I tried calling into Allstars but the number kept ringing fast busy on the Asterisk


Local Military running Shotgun


Jammers for Jesus


Another CBer


No chance for Islands on the Air


UFO landing point identified


Local Taxi stand using RG6 coax on a very old Midland Antenna


Local Marina set up will for Marine Traffic


Country Wide Tetra Radio Tower


We took Motorbikes up into the hills and found the Naval Military Base


Abandoned Lighthouse with no NDB or working lights


These kids took me for $10 US. That is a weeks wages for the locals plus they enjoyed the ice creams so it was the best $20 ever spent. They are CHESS sharks – Beware


3 Wheeler mobile or Vintage Pick Up


Taxi stand at Cruise Ship Terminal with a similar antenna set up


The wind knocked these Ubiquity W-LAN antennas off axis so I had poor wifi into the room and the beach so management had me work with Juan to move them. I had to use my WiFi analyzer on my cell phone to help. The 3 reboot approach didnt work on the server and it really was an antenna pointing issue. Its really a point to point LAN set up


Can we move this 3 inches over Juan?


Bartender understands the worm brings bigger tips!! I think from what I recall I had 5 of these worms



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