VIMY100 and Local York Region Hams got Involved

The purpose of VIMY 100 was to Remember the Canadians soldiers that won the Battle of Vimy Ridge One Hundred Years Ago.

All participants can feel proud of the efforts that they made toward this end.

The WW1 era vintage signals communication was successfully completed on 9 April 2017. A VST Det with 2 x Heliographs, 1 x Signal Lamp and 1 x Telescope was deployed to LaSalle Park Marina Pier, Burlington, Ontario, and received the following message in morse code from the HMCS HAIDA, located in Hamilton Harbour, sent by Signal Lamp:  “ CANADIANS VICTORIOUS AT VIMY ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO – WE SALUTE AND REMEMBER THEM.”

The message was relayed to the 31 Signals Regiment HQ and Command , at John Foote Armouries in Hamilton, by a VST Runner in a Dispatch Service Vehicle supplied by 31 Signals Regiment.

The HF Amateur Radio Exercise to establish communications with the Commemorative Vimy stations was successful. Stations located at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton connected with the TMVimy100 Station on 9 April 2017 via a relay from a Newfoundland Station. The message “ Canadians Victorious at Vimy 100 Years Ago – We Salute and Remember Them” was sent from France to Canada ( The York Region EMCOMM also was successful in establishing communications with the TMVIMY100 site


Credit and thanks to John Kassay and the Ham Radio operators at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for their perseverance and success.

Credit to and thanks to Robert Galmbos of York Region and members of the amateur radio club there that was successful in reaching the  VIMY100 station. Also, thank you to Greg Stasyna, L  Col (Ret’d) 32 Signals Regiment for his assistance in bringing forward the York Regions involvement in this event.

We thank the CO , Lt Col Marvin, and RSM, MWO T Fisher, of the 31 Signals Regiment for their support . They received their HF equipment back from a Northern Canadian exercise late last week and supplied personnel and equipment for this event which was key to make it work. They did the same for the WW1 era exercise and played a key role in its success.

We thank the leadership of Friends of HAIDA and Parks Canada for allowing access to the HMCS HAIDA bridge and radio room on 9 April 2017. Andy Barber, in particular, worked tirelessly to plan and execute this exercise.

Dean Cassar, Ontario Science Center, was a great assist in working the Amateur Radio part of this exercise. His expertise and efforts in connecting with the Vimy site both at the Ontario Science Center and the HMCS HAIDA was excellent and greatly appreciated.

George Stal, Mike Leatham and David Hayward of the Hamilton Signals Association and Vintage Signals Team operated the WW1 signals equipment with expertise following protocols and using morse code as practiced One Hundred Years ago. The exercise was conducted in full view of the public in Burlington, Ontario. Local citizens interacted with the members of the Vintage Signals Team showing interest in the equipment, purpose of the exercise and the HMCS HAIDA. This is a valuable community outreach.

In summary, all can feel proud of theirs efforts in providing a tribute to the soldiers of the Canadian Corps that won such an important victory for Canada in World War 1 , One Hundred Years ago.

I have attached a few local photos from the Hamilton – Burlington area taken on 9 April 2017.

Thank You,IMG_1440IMG_1445IMG_1448

Rick Little , Capt ( Ret’d) CD

Hamilton Signals Association



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