Icom releases the HF SdR Watch ic-795i (Sold out in 2 Hours)

The IC – 795i is an HF + 50 MHz transceiver developed based on the concept of ‘ultimate compact size’. By aggregating all the information and operation system on the wristwatch type device, we realized not only the location of the rig, but also Ham’s dream of not choosing the situations of operation.

Main features

Connection with the external antenna was realized with cableless using proprietary wireless technology. By making it cableless, you can secure the high mobility required for outdoor operation and avoid troubles such as disconnection. In addition, the loop antenna AH – 1059 which feels completely omnipotic feeling is line up as an option as an option.

Of course, it has a waterfall function that can confirm the history of received signals in time series. We realize precise display even in small size. Moreover, by using the optional external monitor LD – 64 Mne, it can also correspond to the enlarged display.

Various items such as frequency setting, mode change, filter selection, etc. can be set speedily with touch operation. By operating in combination with the multi button on the side, stressless item selection is possible.


Even with a compact enclosure, Dxer’s feelings towards the transmitted waves remain “more distant and stronger”. IC-795i is compatible with IC-PW1 which enables 1 kW full power operation. About 28 kg and weight is less than half of general rice bales, so if you carry it even on the shoulder it may be easy to move and operate. In addition, we prepared five different color variations that can be selected according to TPO.

We prepared HM – 96100K as an external speaker and microphone. Transmitting AF output from a compact housing and operator’s utterance as much as possible without loss – the solution to that problem results in a solution that shortens the distance to each organ of the body. The result is condensed in this form which is somewhat nostalgic and yet simple enough. The gold that makes you feel the status is by 18 gold plating, promising eternal shine.

The compact housing is in a relationship of backwardness against the difficulty of checking the display. Especially at the timing when the fatigue of eyes becomes strong, such as in the evening, there may be some difficulty in operation. In such a case, using the external monitor LD – 64 Mne is quite obvious. The display can be expanded to 640,000 times (64 × 10 6 ) theoretical value .

In outdoor operation, it may be accompanied by a slight difficulty to carry Yagi antenna etc. In such a case, you can use the optional loop antenna AH – 1059. It makes it possible to receive / transmit in the same way as if the effect of a special force was working, as if the action of something special worked, as if it soared up high in the sky. Of course, an auto antenna tuner is also built in.


One comment

  1. Mike Hohmann · April 3, 2017

    Thanks, John. It’s obvious these products were produced for me. While I like the large antenna beam being carried on the hikers back- good for QRP! I’d also like that hf digital touch screen wrist radio/watch with the colorful waterfall displayed in time series. Alas I’m broke. I found a competitors loop antenna that straps around my waist… the loop is only 12″ above my head so I can hike under low branches, no problem; and I can still wear my hat. It looks much like the one in your ad. Competition, ain’t it great! Cheers, my friend!


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