Repeater Abuse from the UK Viewpoint

I was reading the February issue of Radcom (which i received from a stockist) which is an excellent ham radio publication published in the UK by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RGSB). They are the UK version of RAC or ARRL.

I strongly recommend a subscription or purchasing some of their excellent books.

Based on the actions that has been going on the local repeaters by various jammers this article is timely. In fact, jammers have been around since  Marconi heard the letter S. Jamming of shortwave stations by opposing countries, the military jamming signals of their opponents, CB guys jamming, hams jamming and even those jamming public safety.

Even the female cuban voice of the infamous numbers station gets jammed now and then.

I have attached the article for your reading enjoyment and there are suggestions in how to deal with it.

The Amateur Radio Observation Service is an advisory and reporting service of the RSGB
that is intended to assist radio amateurs and others who may be affected by problems that occur within the amateur bands or that develop on other frequencies as a result of amateur transmissions.

AROS investigates reports of licence infringements, or instances of poor operating
practice that might bring the Amateur Service into disrepute. Reports, complaints and associated supplementary information are accepted from any source and the contents of each communication are rega rded as confidential material. AROS has a team of over 100 observers who can be tasked with specific monitoring activities and these
volunteers help collate supporting information in cases that are passed to Ofcom.

Too bad we don’t have an AROS group working with RAC that can assist in opening files up with Industry Canada.

Maybe now is the time to ask RAC to be more involved in jammer complaints.

RadCom-February.2017 repeater abuse


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