QRP Quarterly January 2017 & FDIM

Its been out for a month or so and it was a blockbuster issue with lots to read and build

I am sure FDIM 2017 Buildathon at Dayton has been sold out (I missed it as well) but there may still be space for the general sessions

Once again THANKS to Rex Harper W1REX for hosting the FDIM Buildathon !

Due to all the latest interest in FT-243 crystals , The FDIM 2017 Buildathon will add a kit to the process. we will first build an integrated crystal oscillator and frequency counter, calibrate it and then grind an FT-243 crystal from somewhere in the 6.x Mhz region to a desired 40m frequency. I will provide a genuine factory OLD FT-243 crystal within grinding distance of the 40m band as part of the Buildathon package.

As usual, the Buildathon will also include a time out for a complementary pizza party so that builders won’t miss dinner while we build. Directly after the Buildathon, the now sated builders only need to take a short walk around the lobby in order to enjoy the FDIM Club night being held in the adjacent ballroom.

We will be using the *USUAL* format of the Buildathon so we can register 35 builders…. Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up! After that, you will just have to resort to picking up your kit at the FDIM Buildathon and taking it home…..W1REX

Registration for the Buildathon is completed with Rex.

Download a sample issue at http://www.qrparci.org/qqsample/qqsample.pdf
QRP Quarterly – January 2017

Technical Articles

5 Idea Exchange—Mike Czuhajewski—WA8MCQ

Practical Propagation for the Everyday Ham—N2CX Finger Dimples from WalMart—W3TS

None Simpler Portable Antenna Insulators—NM5S Homebrewer’s Guide To Recycling—KK6FUT Whisper Sidetone—Shhhh! —ND6T

Hammond Plastic Project Boxes—VE3IPS Variations on PCB Method—KC7CJ

Portable Tent Pole Vertical Antenna—KK6FUT Alternative to Etching Muppet Boards—W5USJ

16 630 Meters for the QRPer—Paul Signorelli—WA2XRM (WØRW)

20 The QEC Antenna: A New Design—Akira Motohashi—JP1QEC

23 How Low Can You Go?—Robert Rosier—K4OCE

26 WSPR and the Raspberry Pi—Scotty Cowling—WA2DFI

30 Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques—Mike Bryce—WB8VGE

38 Antennas 101: A Look Back 25+ Years—Gary Breed—K9AY

The Joy of QRP

17 Clubs Make CW More Fun—Dan Romanchik—KB6NU

24 Pedestrian Mobile with the KX2 as a Hand-Held Rig—Greg Lane—N4KGL

The World of QRP ARCI

3 Editorial—Mitch Gill—NA7US


18 FDIM 2017 Announcement



One comment

  1. Mike Hohmann · March 26, 2017

    Yes a great issue of QRP Quarterly, John. I enjoyed your article ‘Ten Questions About Your QRP Operations,’ which also appeared in the January issue. A list of ten questions, presented to five QRP operators, including their responses… the nuances of QRP! And thanks too, for your volunteer efforts as an associate editor at QRP Quarterly. You do have a knack for writing! 😉


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