VE3YYZ Upgraded to G3 D-Star

DStar Gateway Version 3 (“G3”) 11/2016
There is a lot of speculation and mis-information spreading throughout the D-STAR community regarding ID-51A Plus2, the RS-RP3C (G3) software, K5TIT and the Trust Server.
The Trust ServerThe Trust Server is a necessary element in the design of D-STAR. This key feature is neither owned nor controlled by ICOM. The Trust Server is owned by the Texas Interconnect Team (K5TIT), and managed by an international team of volunteers – the Trust Server Admin Team.
D-STAR Gateway Version 3 (“G3”)

With the release of G3 by ICOM. The Trust Server is now converted. The D-STAR system in Japan is now converted to G3. The G3 gateway software has been tested by the Trust Server Administration team. The Team has also been ensuring that DPLUS, DstarMonitor and other administration tools will continue to work as installed.

ID-51A Plus2

The newly released radios have several exciting new features. Those features are enabled by and require G3 Gateway registration. Those new features will be enabled as soon as the Gateways convert to G3, which will then allow users to register another Terminal ID, as an “Access Point”. Until those conversions occur, the radios are functional as normal D-STAR user radios.

Please note the local VE3YYZ repeater has been successfully converted to G3. Eric VE3EI has put a lot of time and effort in getting this completed last night. We thank his pioneering efforts in D-Star.

Gateway Software G3 Release RS-RP3C

Icom America is allowing the Texas Interconnect Team (K5TIT) to distribute the software to repeater owners:

  1. The Gateway must be in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or South America;
  2. The Gateway must be actively syncing with the USRoot Trust Server;
  3. The Gateway administrator must provide a mailing address and allow that address to be shared with ICOM America. ICOM America intends to use that address to mail you physical media containing the program when it is available, and to use the address for other purposes as may arise;
  4. The Gateway administrator must provide a serial number of an ICOM RP2000 or RP4000;
  5. The Gateway administrator must agree to abide by anti-piracy regulations and not to share the software.


Since all support for CentOS 5 ends in March of 2017, continuing to run CentOS 5 is not advised and most have moved to the latest CentOS 7 version.



Robin, AA4RC, has updated DPlus to work with G3.  Since this new version, 2.2n, supports G2 and G3, gateway admins still running G2 can run /dstar/tools/ and update to the new version of DPlus right away.

DStarMonitor  / D-PRS

Pete, AE5PL, reports that there is a version of DStarMonitor that will work with G3 and that it is already in the hands of K5TIT.  D-PRS, also an AE5PL module, also works with G3.

DPlusreport, Monlink

Ken, WB4FAY, reports that G3-compatible versions of DPlusreport and Monlink are available here:

ircDDB Add-on




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