Hamex 2017 – Photos

A great day at the Hamex with deals for everyone and some great exhibits

I did manage to buy some “worked the last time I used it” broken and garbage items which seems to be a part of the ham radio experience

Mike VE3MKX took some photos to share on my blog


A complete Heathkit Novice station was sold


Not sure if that was a Magnum FM Preamplifier?



nice vintage tube based audio amplifiers for the vinyl lovers


i did buy the MFJ Tuner, the homebrew tuner (blown dummy load resistors inside is an easy fix), the Hamtronics Exciter, and he did sell the CB radios


HF radios were sold to new hams looking for the entry level radio to get them started


Yaesu Musen collectors were rubbing their hands on this sweet find…works! Poor Jim JIW missed out on this one  or did he buy them?


This guy did a brisk trade and also sold his yellow jacket to Robert from ARES


The SBX’s spillsbury went fast as they included the rare and i mean rare 12 volt power supplies for  base camp use . Catch you on the Trappers Net


Mine works great


The Guitar amps were eventually sold


The ARK 40 is an oddball qrp radio from the old days and the push switches was an odd way to tune the radio. Just leave it on 7040 and call CQ

It didnt get sold at that price

The AEA DX Handy (Mizuho MX-28s) was a nice find and seems to work. Thanks Mike


Syd, Mike and Rick doing their thing!



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