The JP1QEC PEN-KEY – Its a Pen and its a Morse Code Key

My good friend Abu-san came up with a brilliant idea where a ink pen becomes a key. Watch these videos in action

PEN-KEY is added a function of straight key to a normal pen.
I already made a prototype.
If you have a interest, please watch a video of following URL!
<testing video>
<field testing video>
Once Abu-san has perfected his idea I will share the build details
What have you created today?
I did this:




  1. John Corby · March 9, 2017

    Great idea but, I write left-handed and use my right hand for my key. I am inspired by the idea though. I think I will build a “stylus key” based on the pen-key idea. This is a perfect solution for temporary operations outdoors where it is often hard to find a stable surface for a conventional key.
    John, VA3KOT


  2. ve3ips · March 14, 2017

    He has not shared any details yet but it is not a 3D print job. Interesting idea


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