Cushcraft MS-1 Trick Stick Antenna

Back in the 70s a lot of us CBers used a Trick Stick antenna. Everyone hung out at the Rexdale Firepit or the CB Store on Wilson East of Keele Street (Communications Specialist???). Today the magic band continues to be a lot of fun making groundwave and skip contacts.

I remember a review in S9 magazine

Check out the backissues

I remember my first 6 channel rig using this wonderful antenna which is just an aluminum dipole that allowed it to be mounted in many ways. The Red Beard Base used it in his apartment up 12 floors for good dx operation until one day it got blown off by the wind. Red Beard convinced the landlord to allow a 5/8 wave radio Shack antenna on the roof (2 boxes of beer did the trick).


Eventually we became big time operators with the navaho TRC-457 base unit which was a great radio and is still a high demand item in the used market


Sirio in europe has remade a better version of this antenna using a gamma match and can provide a great antenna for 10m/11m use. Tune it for 27.450 and you got CB and Freeband covered

here is a great review of the Sirio Trick Stick



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