Revelstoke, BC Ham Radio and

Revelstoke Mountain is one of the arguably  most beautiful mountain ranges in Canada (sorry Banff) located in the Columbia Mountains region with an eye popping drive from Kelowna to the base camp. Revelstoke Mountain Resort boasts North America’s greatest vertical at 1,713 metres (5,620 ft).

Sledders love the mountains and the powder which we dont see at the local Blue Mountain hill.

Many hikers or skiers and snowboarders may not think radio comms and they should. This is a big mountain range and if you miss the lift down you may get stuck on the mountain overnight. This happens as many will seek powder off the standard runs and then realize that they are too exhausted to make the 1 hour journey to get to the last lift down. The lifts get you up only so high and then you must hike further up to get to the high points.Many users use a Motorola FRS or the BC Link Radio (its a FRS with a nice mic).

The Links Radio comes with multiple channels and although none of the channels have a specific use there are some general guidelines you may want to follow. Channel 1 will tend to have the most radio chatter on it if you are backcountry skiing around a resort so I would recommend a higher channel—the higher the better. Channel 20 with quiet code 22 is said to be used for emergencies but it is not monitored by any official rescue body or agency. Keep in mind that channels 8-14 are transmitting at 1/2 watt so they are best used to conserve power but these channels will also have a shorter transmission range. This is ideal for multi day ski tours where your group is all relatively close by. Channels 2-7 and 15-22 transmit at a full watt so the range will be increased but so will the demands on the battery.

Be sure that you are aware that the Backcountry Access BC Links Radio is for recreational use only in that it is not a UHF/VHF radio but rather a FRS/GMRS radio. It’s ideal for group communications for but not ideal for professional rescue scenarios where outside help is required, i.e. communication with helicopters, search and rescue, resort operations and backcountry lodges.




Local Repeaters are easy to access from the resort

 146.7200- 123.0 Revelstoke VA7AZG OPEN ON-AIR
  146.8400 131.8 Revelstoke, Triangle Mountain VE7RMT OPEN Unknown status





Ask the resort Ski Patrol for what channels they monitor and serious back country and hut to hut ramblers will need radios that can accommodate the ability to make contacts with these services.

These are long ski and hiking hills so FRS radios are mandatory to be in every bag as well as a first aid kit.


As you can see the use of Radio Equipment can and does save lives.

There is also a coordinated BC Logging Road Radio service as well that many outdoor enthusiast have in the Jeepo as they navigate across the wilds of BC (and Alberta)

Resource Road Radio Channel Map

The B.C. government recommends that those using mobile radios on provincial natural resource roads have the full bank of standard resource road radio channels, programmed in the standard format by commercial radio technicians. It is discouraged to have select channels programmed into mobile radios as channel assignment may change without notice.

In order to implement the standard bank of radio channels, specified areas of the B.C. landbase are mapped with resource road radio channel assignments. The channels have been distributed across the province to minimize radio interference. Learn how the radio channel assignment maps were developed:

These LADD Channels Common across Alberta & British Columbia and many highway truckers monitor channel one
154.10000  LADD 1
158.94000  LADD 2
154.32500   LADD 3
173.37000  LADD 4



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