Ham Radio in Denver, CO – Morse Express and HRO

Mike’s (VE3MKX) friend Donald (VE4DS) had a interesting trip to Denver recently and made a few Ham Radio stops along the way.

I was just in Denver a few months ago and had a chance to cash my paycheque at HRO(KG0PP Jim is very knowledgable and helpful) and they also stock Electric Radio magazine. Its a small shop but packed to the ceiling with ham gear and several working stations to play with. I had a chance to make some contacts on their FTDx9000 off their beam as a portable Zero. I did not know that Morse Express was in the area (they are in Aurora which is a suburb nearby)  and they offer the best selection of keys anywhere, probably the only one. Take a look at the GHD Telegraph Keys from Japan. http://www.mtechnologies.com/ghd/.

The GT501 is my favourite and its cheap $500 us


So lets see what Donald saw at Morse Express and its museum of keys:


VE4DS did not SHARE what he ended up buying at the HRO store as he may have blown his allowance on code keys:



They have 4 complete demo stations all ready to go for your pleasure





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