D-Star continues its explosive growth

The D-Star mode continues its tradition of being the #1 Digital mode, the most reliable, and the most useful.

Icom has announced a new radio as a model below the hugely popular Icom 5100 and 7100 but its conversion from the yen puts it almost at the same price point as the 5100 but with several new features. Somehow they took some Icom 880H parts leftover and put them in a new box. But its still more fun than a 4550 and you dont have to worry about stealing the Motorola CPS code from the Bit Torrents.

Whats New?

Terminal Mode/Access Point


Kanji Display  for JDM of course

Mobile App Support MS-1A

Micro SD card that can be used to record the jammer voices on YYZ, TWR and YRA

Icom Canada and USA have made no announcements and maybe its for the Dayton (Xenia) Hamfest or its strictly Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)

Its just in time for the Salaryman Bonus which last year cleaned out every Icom 7300 and 7300S model from Rocket Radio to Hokaaido Radio Supply in JA land

I heard at one point the KX3/KX2 exports took a hit as HRO was shipping Icoms back to Japanese hams to accommodate the shortage

With a planned run of 2500 units in Japan thats about $1.2M us and another 2500 in the USA and Canada adds another $1.2M to the bottom line

OK Kenwood where the heck is your new DStar mobile?

Thanks to Akira-san


You can enjoy D – STAR ® ID-4100 new release.



Product name / type name 144/430 MHz Duo band digital transceiver / ID – 4100 (20 W), ID – 4100 D (50 W)
Suggested retail price \ 56,800 + tax (20 W type) / \ 59,800 + tax (50 W type)
Release date Release on March 15, 2017 (planned)
Scheduled to be sold annually 2,500 vehicles / year

Icom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka-shi Hirano Ward, President : Tsutomu Fukui) will release the mobile transceiver ID-4100 / ID-4100D compliant with D-STAR ® * 1 on March 15, 2017.

The ID – 4100, born of the concept “D – STAR ® is more fun and more comfortable”, corresponds to the terminal mode / access point mode * 2 for the first time in mobile devices . This feature, D-STAR ® D-STAR via the Internet from any location you do not have access to the repeater ®communication is possible.

With the adoption of a new user interface, ID-4100 has drastically improved both operability and visibility compared with conventional models. Equipped with a DR function that allows you to easily set up calls simply by specifying the repeater and other station. In addition, the full dot display that can display kanji clearly displays letters and icons, making it easy to read information with a large amount of information such as GPS.

In addition, the controller is compact with a width of 122.5 × height 40 × depth 29.7 mm (not including protrusions), it can be removed from the main body. By installing the main body in the empty space, you can effectively utilize the space in the radio room as well as in the car and a small space.

In addition, with cooperation with smart device * 3 , the range of pleasure is further broadened such as image transmission, linkage with map application, D – PRS operation, message transmission / reception, DR function setting.

Others, hands-free operation by Bluetooth ® * 4 , microSD card * 5 , mass storage of data such as GPS log , reception of various utility radio including VHF / UHF band air band, distance to the destination in real time Convenient functions such as built-in GPS receiver that can be grasped are packed. Of course, it also supports conventional analog FM communication.

ID-4100 is a familiar mobile transceiver that responds to the needs of a wide range of amateur radio operators, from beginners challenged for D-STAR ® operation to power users who want to relax and sit down.

【Main features】

  • Mobil’s first terminal mode / access point mode * 2 correspondence.
  • Easy call setting just specifying the repeater and other station by the DR function.
  • Kanji display is achieved by adopting full-dot display excellent in expression power.
  • The degree of freedom of installation increases with a removable controller.
  • Cooperation with smart devices * 3 enables image transmission and linking with map applications.
  • Convenient functions such as hands-free operation * 4 , built-in GPS receiver, microSD card * 5 , voice recording / log storage, reception of various utility radio including VHF / UHF band air band,
※ 1 … D – STAR ® is an amateur radio digital communication method recommended by JARL (Japan Amateur Radio Association).
※ 2 … An optional data communication cable <OPC-2350LU> and a special application (free download) are required.
※ 3 … Optional Bluetooth ® unitAnd a special application (free download) are necessary.
※Four… Optional Bluetooth ® unitAnd headsetIs required.
※Five… A microSD card (sold separately) is required.
D – STAR is a registered trademark of the Japan Amateur Radio Association. Icom Inc., ICOM, ICOM logo are registered trademarks of Icom corporation. The Bluetooth ® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and Icom Inc. uses these marks based on the license.


  1. ve3fkn · February 21

    Love dstar dmr blows!

    Sent from my Tiny keyboard please excuse any typos



  2. ve3ips · February 22

    I have to agree that of all the Digital Modes the D-Star is truly the best. It was designed for amateur radio by japanese amateurs and Yeah they no how to make a great repeater network

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