Ethics and Operating Procedure

Now and then stuff happens and we get reminded about ethics and how hams can be have nicely. I am not going to repeat the DMR code of ethics for the VA3XPR machine and of course they are totally practical in nature.

John ON4UN who is the king of low band dxing bar none and was able to teach me the importance of grey line in working DX on 80m also with his friends developed a guide to assist hams in understanding some operating best practices on repeaters but also on HF

Grab your copy here

There has also been a lot of garbage also on HF (there are times when jammers pounce on the maritime net to hassle those seeking help) and I was saddened to hear a clown bashing away at the NCS on one of the morning nets. Obviously another drunken ham at 8am foaming at the mouth after double dosing his blood thinners and mood control drugs but he really took to very personal remarks. When life and death threats are made then increased action occurs. I understand later that several complaints were filed with the FCC along with beam bearings pointing to the city of where this loud mouth was living in. Now that the city is known more local RDFing can be done as well as marking up the database with which hams are registered in the area. If he is even a ham.

Thanks John for the great stuff on the Frequency Cops……and clarifying to Break into a contact is Break not Contact (sorry Jim you know who you are hihi)

Lets continue to make “The Old Man” himself, Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW proud

In case you need a review of the xpr rpeater follow this link:




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