York Region ARC Foxhunt 2017-1 Results


York Region Amateur Radio Club FoxHunt 2017-1 Report


Another great day for Foxhunt training and to the lessons learned from the last one.

We had a great pre hunt social session with breakfast and as soon as the VHARC club members showed up we were ready to roll.


York Region has a lot of hills and valleys which can play havoc with signals as well as the Aurora ridge blocking signals as well.


I was located on Bombay Court in Aurora and offered some interesting terrain. First off I was not visibly from Yonge Street due to the wooden fencing. I was not visible from the side street as I was behind a huge snow pile. So you needed sharps eyes on the s-meter to catch a good bearing.

bombay crt.png

The Fox box started at 5 watts and then we did a ramp down in power as we progressed during the hunt duration.


The winners are VE3VSR Len and VA3KXP Stephen (visiting from the Victoria – Haliburton ARC) with a time of 10 minutes


VA3GS Geoff and VE3IBW Brian at 120 mins


Participants that were close but no luck within the time frame:



VE3RQX Matthew


Mike and Matthew were within 500 yards after I blurted out my location as we wrapped it up


Lessons Learned:


  1. Attenuation is important as one nears the fox as well as getting a good bearing
  2. Quads may be preferred to yagis due to the antenna lobe pattern to ensure a good bearing up front
  3. A radio with a proper or expanded S-meter is highly useful….3 segment s meters are useless



The behind the scenes Doppler System Proof of Concept (BSEU)  nailed it very quickly which demonstrates the capability of an automated system. Enhancements are being made to a GPS interface integrated with Google Maps and Canada Topo. This will help reduce the amount of noise and interference complaints.


Stay tuned for a February Date


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