We need your Help – please check your inputs and get a bearing on these Pesky Jammers

Getting close to actual locations but need help on the last mile

One is mobile and jams with his GF or wife in the car and another is a regular on the 401

Another jams from one location during the week and another on weekends

One poor idiot is actually jamming himself in order to raise pity from his community and complaining how he is getting jammed by his haters when in fact he is doing it to himself

Jamming activity is also from the Tim Hortons at two key Toronto locations East of the DVP and south of the 400

Current HOTSPOTS of Activity per Doppler Systems Reports

Bravo Sector Spectrum Enforcement Unit


Don’t forget the York Region FoxHunt on January 21 9am

Kerchunk ID pattern for the jammer known as the Masterbator69




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  2. K5ACL · January 20, 2017

    Ugh, hope you snag them! We’re having a similar issue here in our area. Our club suggested a fox hunt, but I’m doubtful in such a large city! 73 k5acl

    we are doing the manual method but have also implemented several Doppler Systems for “evidence based” tracking and documentation.


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