Packtenna Mini Parking Lot Mobile – HRO Oakland, CA

The nice thing about the Packtenna Mini cut for 20m is no stinking antenna tuner is needed. Pack light with the Packtenna Mini. Throw the antenna up in a tree and make contacts from your FT-817 non ND radio.

I left the radio on in the store and tried to raise up a QSO and some customer K6 something said “hey are yew in tha pawking lot mister case we got yew 60 db over” Yeah

This antenna simply works great


  1. ve3fkn · January 26, 2017

    Hate having to lug around a antenna tuner! Nice!


  2. ve3ips · January 26, 2017

    Yeah it makes for a light kit and 32 feet of wire kicks out a stronger signal than a dipole. The lower take off angle gives a better DX signal. I think the packtenna 9:1 with the Elecraft T1 tuner is a great use case as well as its multiband but the mini is more efficient. The ham inside worked me on the yaesu FTDx9000… We had a coffee inside later and a good laugh. ” i dont get this stuff with yew fellers with ya cue r pee stuff. I run my kenwood 940 with the heath sb220 and can be heArd everywhere on 75 m phone. Your little radio is too small for me”


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