Packtenna at the Gugliemo Marconi Memorial Shrine

San Francisco has always played a role in the history of  Gugliemo Marconi.

A group called the Marconi Memorial Foundation incorporated in the 1930s for the purpose of enshrining Marconi as the inventor of the wireless. They placed a memorials one on the slopes of San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill.

The Foundation collected public subscriptions from the supportive Italian-American community in North Beach, and on April 13, 1938, received permission from the U.S. Congress and President Franklin Roosevelt to erect memorial at Signal Hill.

“In 1899 a team of San Franciscans reproduced Guglielmo Marconi’s method of communicating by radio waves and demonstrated its usefulness by sending a message in Morse code from a lightship anchored outside the Golden Gate to the Cliff House on the San Francisco Shore. This was the first wireless message broadcast on the West coast and the first ship-to-shore broadcast in the United States.”  University of Santa Clara: A History, 1851-1977 by Gerald McKevitt 


The shrine is at the bottom of the park


no contact with the simplex boys on 52 at Alcatraz as viewed from Signal Hill


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