HRO Anaheim Drop In for Supplies

I had to cash a cheque and as usual its the bank of HRO that takes my US dollars

Free coffee and donuts on Saturdays pulls in a crowd and now worries work the DStar and try out any radio you like

I had a chance to test the FT-991 against the Icom 7100 and the Icom won.


All Dstar segments covered in-store. DsTar outsells Fusion and DMR and the new Kenwood D74 is a top seller

W6HRO D-Star Repeaters Now Online in Anaheim, CA!

Callsign Frequency (MHz) Mode Status
W6HRO  A 1299.500 Digital Data ONLINE
W6HRO  A 1287.825 (-12 MHz) Digital Voice ONLINE
W6HRO  B 449.840 (-5.0 MHz) Digital Voice ONLINE
W6HRO  C 147.570 (-2.555 MHz) Digital Voice ONLINE



QRZ with any radio you want and all connected


Go ahead JA1tt your 59 plus 10 Big Signal here in Anaheim,


Scanner nuts next door loving the Discone


Thanks to Comet for the Dstar antennas


This is the ONLY loop you wish to buy and its Milspec…Carl’s excellent work


DStar supported in-store.





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