Tokyo Ham Fair and Huntsville Hamfest- Kenwood TH-D74 Released D-Star Radio

Kenwood has released the TH-D74 D-Star handheld today. The programming Software will be available on the website as its initial release.

I had a chance to talk to Don Arnold W6GPS who is at the Huntsville Hamfest assisting Kenwood with their North American launch now that the Japanese got the first release and I was not surprised how great the audio on the radio was on D-Star. I am contact number 7 on this new radio. Maybe I should ask for a QSL card???

Here are some features that got overlooked that make this hand held a very interesting one:

  • Bluetooth enabled KISS TNC for Packet
    Receiver and Transmitter EQ settings
    Bar antenna for reception below 10Mhz
  • IF output @ 12Khz with a bandwidth of 15 khz through the USB port – SDR in here?
    CW Filter of 03Khz and a SSB filter of 2.3Khz
    AM Filter of 7Khz
  • Wideband receive up to 525Mhz
  • APRS and GPS

Pricing will be  around $700 to $900 US… should be firmed up in a few days if not announced at the Huntsville Hamfest.

This radio will be a category killer…….and as usual there is a pop up D-Star repeater just for the Ham Fair Event


Hamufea during the session of 2016 to let us know so that we set up a temporary D-STAR repeater station (Internet connection) to the Tokyo Big Sight in the venue. Please use.


  • Call sign: JP1YJJ (planned)
  • Frequency: 439.07MHz (DV), 439.25MHz (DV), 1291.31MHz (DV), 1270.625MHz (DD)
  • Local IP:
  • Operational period: within Hamufea period of August 20, 21 days (August 19, is expected to carry out a pilot with the installation)




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