3IPS GOTA ANTENNA – 3 Wires Integrated Portable System

Here is a super simple tuned for 20m or a multi band untuned antenna (needs atuner) that can be used for Get on The Air (GOTA) Operations.

I call it the 3IPS GOTA Antenna.

3 wires, Integrated Portable System GOTA Antenna

This will require a trip to your local sporting goods store and dollar store to gather some stuff to put this antenna system together

You need a 20 foot fishing pole. They are known as Crappie poles but in Canada its a Shakespeare Wonderpole  (they used to make CB antennas back in the day).

  • 3 lengths of #26 silky wire or #18 gauge speaker wire
  • 3 plastic insulators
  • 3 Nite eze Carabiners
  • 100 feet of Nite Eze reflective paracord
  • 1:1 Balun
  • 25-35 feet of coax
  • Large Zip Lock bag

You can easily make a dipole, a inverted V, a vertical or even a sloper

You can save some money if you replace the 20 foot pole with a tree

In my Packtenna Mini video you can see the Wonderpole on a tripod

BTW you could also use a Painter pole

3ips gota antenna


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