Packtenna Baluns – Building Blocks to QRP Success

As many have now come to know I am a big fan of George and Nicks PackTenna system. Its efficient, it has multiple configurations and they have a bunch of baluns in their bag of tricks.

No 4:1 balun? maybe one is coming but I do not see them use any twinlead for their antennas



One comment

  1. Andrew VK1AD · August 16, 2016

    My personal recommendation is first make an attempt at constructing your own antenna. There is a great deal of pleasure in making your first QSO on a homebrew antenna. 🙂
    Andrew VK1AD

    I totally agree. Making a balun is not difficult but sometimes getting the parts can be. We are not so lucky to have a Jaycar nearby so we sometimes have to rely on mail order. I really am finding the PCB mount itself to lend itself to different ways of use out in the field.

    Homebrew antenna + homebrew qrp radio = more pleasure hihi


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