Atlanticon 2002 Badger

IMG_0772 badger.jpg

This was the Atlanticon 2002 attendance gift. I was registrant #22. This is an east coast lobster qrp fest and was held in Baltimore that year. Joe N2CX , Paul NA5N and K1SWl and others gave a host of presentations.

The NJQRP club did a programmable pc board that fits nicely under a standard laminated plastic badge.  At the touch of a button the Badger sounds the owner’s callsign using Morse code through a piezo device and simultaneously blinks the code using a SuperBright LED.

But that’s not all the Badger does!  There are eight different modes in which this SmartBadge can be placed: iambic keyer, straight key code practice oscillator, looping “beacon” mode, LED-only, piezo tone only, and more.  This is an incredibly fun project that will have your club members in stitches at your next meeting. Wear it at the next hamfest or use it as a portable keyer for your next field operating adventure.

The Badger kit came with all components needed, including the battery and the personalized name badge designed by master artisan and QRPer Paul Harden, NA5N. The surface mount microcontroller chip comes already soldered on, and the professional quality pc board (designed and layed out by Dave Benson, K1SWL, another famous QRPer) is pre-programmed with your callsign. It  only took about 30 minutes to assemble the Badger.

I recall this was a hilarous event after the lads have a few cold 807s


During Friday’s “QRP social” evening part of the weekend, Joe Everhart, N2CX conducted a fun “QLF Activity”, wherein pairs of QRPers teamed up to send CW on a large, makeshift key and code practice oscillator … using their left foot! One guy transmitted a crazy message, with all sorts of “handicaps” thrown in, while the other received. Then the roles reversed. The copy was graded and winners were announced: Mike Czuhajewski WA8MCQ and Charlie Powers, NU3N. What a riot! Each guy won a N2CAU Tip Tapper paddle.


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