Elecraft KX2 Handheld QRP Radio – A Quick Look See

The QRP boys met up last night to discuss low power radio and do a show and tell. My show and tell was DMR radio actually   5 watts digital on 440 Mhz so that still counted

Victor is the proud owner of a shiny new KX2 and shared with me some of his radio GOTA (Get on the Air) kit as well. He loves to picnic table operate as well and make good use of his FT-817. Now he has two radios to play with

The MFJ 1899t antenna worked well on receive for 40m surprisingly but the internal tuner couldnt tune it with out a counterpoise .

We had a blast listening in and checking out the CW features of the rig

Too bad the FlexRadio boys couldnt bring their radio to the party – too big?


He sports a 4.5AH lion battery, sling shot to get the wire up in the tree, a MFJ antenna analyzer (he said it seems flaky…probably Might Fine Junk needs soldering to be done as usual) wires and of course the DMR Motorola 4550 in QRP mode.

We had a nice DMR demo talking to Paul VE3UBI and looks like Victor is now hunting down a DMR radio to get on the Last Heard list. OK back to HF radio. I do have a concern about the antenna weighing on the BNC jack hence my finger holding it up as a support beam.

Get on The Air and Operate your radios. Use your hand and do morse code or use a MIC


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