The Dollarama Up and Over Antenna ( A Dollar store Special Multi-Band Antenna for portable use – QRP)

I found a 50 foot pack of 18 gauge speaker wire for $2 (a dollar is now $2 due to inflation) and on the way home I thought “Hey an Antenna”


Split the speaker wire down the middle. The first wire is 50 feet and solder on a spade lug or a button as an insulator. I use Nite-Eze Plastic Carabiners from a key ring. You get 7 of these.

nite ez

Solder onto the wire a banana plug

The second wore gets cut into two pieces 33 feet and 17 feet. These are counterpoises. Again choose how you want each end to go. I put both on a single banana plug.

Your end point to the rig is a Binding post to BNC adapter Ebay special $2 but I found some great Ponoma types at Pacificon

bp bnc

This works great on the FT-817 and the Elecraft T1 tuner or your KX3/KX2 with built in tuner

Its an up and over as you throw it up and over a tree or use a fishing pole.

IMG_1599 (1)

Congratulations You now have a great 40m-10m antenna



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