ARES SET Ham Radio in The Middle of Nowhere June 2016

The York Region ARES Emcomm participated in the bi-annual Simulated Emergency Test with the GTA ARES teams

I decided to do a shakedown of my new GOBOX and NVIS antenna and set up in the middle of nowhere and rely on team mates to locate me via my aprs beacon (which Lourdes and Robert did)

My focus was on Winlink tests that went very well being close to the VE3BAL Packet repeater. So emails were sent out to team members but we still need to improve on our participation in Winlink testing

As usual I overpacked

john ve3ips set

Fusion Simplex contacts went well with Robert VE3RQB at the other end

D-Star simplex with the trailer also was a success

trailer 2

John, Barry, Rick and Robert

yrarc trailer

This proves that digital modes do have a play in ARES for communications either intra-county or between EOCs

I did manage to contact the HF SET Net control but he was ill equipped to properly communicate as he had s9 noise levels to a long wire (not the right antenna for an exercise)

Lesson Learned was that my Diamond antenna mast fell apart while being raised (i fixed that) and untangling the mess of NVIS antenna wires took 20 minutes of wasted time

Bonus of this was I got to work W9IMS  while getting ready to unpack proving the NVIS antenna had good reach out to Indy at 800 km



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